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Meet the Pastor

Sister Simmons and I want to welcome you and say that we are excited about the church of the living God of which we are a part of today. We have seen many miracles performed by the hand of the Almighty God in our ministry. We are so very blessed of the Lord to have received the call to come to Beaumont , Texas and begin the work here at ACTS II Ministries and to have such a wonderful congregation with which to work for the Lord. ACTS II Ministries began in our living room soon after we moved to Beaumont after having tried several churches in the area to just settle into a local congregation and work with all of our might to win souls and help others while doing so. God had a different plan for us though. We soon realized we were to seek Godís direction in starting a new work for Him. Soon we began services in our living room and after 60 days He led us to the Hwy 90 location where we are now located. We have seen thepower of God work in so many magnificent ways throughout our ministry for Him that several folks have told us that we should write a book of all the wonderful things we have witnessed. We have read books authored by the trail blazers of Apostolic ministry and were in awe of the way God repeatedly intervened in their behalf. Throughout the past 19 years of ministry, of which 14 of those years have been in a pastorate role, my wife and I have looked at one another and said, ďThis is just like those events we have read about in books where our forefathers witnessed Godís mighty power through provisions and leadingĒ. The church family here at ACTS II Ministries loves God with all of their hearts and loves the community and city in which God has brought us together. We look forward to the expansion of ACTS II Ministries on the grounds west of Beaumont which God has given us as well as through the outdoor ministry which is an outreach of the church known as ACTS II Remember Outdoors. We welcome you and yours to come join us in service soon, as we together strive each day to make it home while at the same time bringing hope and healing to the broken-hearted. Come and experience great music and exciting worship and loving fellowship in the presence of the Lord. We pray Godís blessings on you all in Jesus Name throughout the days and years to come!

In His Service

Bro. Rex & Sis Linda Simmons